Smart Phones: Weekly Roundup

Find the latest news the week of May 8th – May 13th 2012.

This week we will look at the growth of smart phones and how they can and will be used in the future.

This is pretty amazing the fact the so many people have mobile phones in non developed countries.

New More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity Or Drinking 5/6/12

More People Have Mobile Phones Than Electricity Or Drinking Water. More People Have Mobile … This slide from analyst Chetan Sharma shows that mobile is the most pervasive technology ever invented. As you can see, …

More and more people are recycling their mobile phones and as you can see by the article below more phones are being produced by recycled materials.

400m mobile phones to be green by 2017 [Report] | memeburn 5/9/12

400m mobile phones to be green by 2017 [Report] … In fact, the number of phones like the Samsung Replenish — made from 82% recycled materials – is set to grow more than 10 times by 2017. UK-based tech analysis …

This is one of the most inspiring articles about how mobile phones can be used in the classroom.

How Teachers Make Cell Phones Work in the Classroom | MindShift 5/10/12

A.P. Chemistry students use their cell phones to answer their teacher’s question. When we talk about using cell phones in class, we’re not just talking about using cell phones in class. The idea of mobile learning touches on …

Video is hot and usage of video on the mobile phones have exploded.

Mobile Video App Usage Skyrockets 5/13/12

The report measured which activities on smart phones are gaining speed or claiming a larger amount of time spent by users. Mobile video sharing and photo sharing claimed 89 percent more time spent by mobile phone users …

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