Pay Per Click Optimization

To get the most out of your advertising budget continually improving and optimizing is a must. If you are not paying attention to your campaign your competition can gain an upper hand. This can quickly result in a negative ROI and poor conversion rate.

At Blue Ice Interactive we understand how important it is to stay on top your pay per click campaign. We have a long history of improving campaign results.

Are you part of the 18%?

In a survey conducted by & YouGov the following question was asked of 500 small businesses (SMB)

“Do your sales exceed the cost of AdWords?”

Only 18% said “yes,” 45 % said “no” and 37 % were unsure.

Our optimization services will help you realize improved lead quality and lower customer acquisition cost.

Once you decide to work with us we jump into action and eliminate non performing keywords, ensure that your ads are not showing for irrelevant and unprofitable keywords, and make improvements based on your past performance and desired campaign goals.

Our main goal when optimizing and improving your campaign is to eliminate wasted spend and maximize your advertising dollars.

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