Facebook Advertising For Businesses

Facebook AdvertingLets face it, everybody has a Facebook page. You, your mother, your grandmother, and all of your children have Facebook pages. So what does this mean for your business? There is a massive opportunity to capture market share through Facebook. Google has a stranglehold on search marketing but with 250 million plus unique visitors each month Facebook is not far behind.

Why Your Business Should Consider Advertising On Facebook :

  • You can be extremely targeted. Want to only advertise to women who are 30 – 50, married, have credit cards and live in Dallas Texas, you can do that.
  • Cost per click is very affordable. If you are used to paying Google on a cost per click basis you will be extremely pleased with Facebooks cost per click.
  • Images are allowed. Talk about eye candy, you can have different images and image sizes.
  • There are multiple options such as sidebar ads, promoted post, video ads, offer ads, and many more.

Do not let this opportunity pass. Pretty soon – if they are not already – your competitors will start using Facebook advertising. Do not let them corner the market.

If you would like to find out how can set up a Facebook campaign that will drive new customers call us at 404-576-8504. There is no obligation if we don’t think Facebook advertising will work for you we will let you know.