Conversion Tracking

You Can’t Measure What You Can’t Track!

When you are spending money on advertising the only true way to measure the effectiveness is to track the revenue that is generated from the campaign. Unlike most advertising mediums paid search gives you the ability to track your return on investment.

If you are not using all of the tracking methods at your disposal than you will be missing out on eliminating wasteful spending and also not capitalizing on effective keywords.

Giving your potential customer a variety of ways to reach out to your company is imperative. Tracking each contact point is equally important and making decisions based on this tracking can make the difference between a profitable and non profitable campaign.

Total Tracking Solutions

Do you know how many of your prospects or customers pick up the phone and called from your pay per click advertisement?

call tracking overall

Do you know which keywords produced leads or sales?

call by keywords

Do you know your overall conversion rate?


If you cannot answer yes to any of these questions…we need to talk.

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