Over Optimizing Your Site? Here Comes Google

Google has announced that they are planning on rolling out some big changes to their algorithm. Google is consistently making changes to their algorithms some announced and some unannounced. When Google announces that some major changes are coming and are giving people a heads up it means that it will have an impact on a large number of websites and the ax will fall on some of the website.

One of the major changes that caught my attention was that overly optimized websites will be penalized. Google is making a big push to index as many pages as possible and they really want good content that is written with the reader in mind and not with SEO mind. Now Google has always said they want quality content but this is the first I have heard of an actual penalty being place on a website for optimization.

I have long said that every company or person who has a website needs to have a content strategy to succeed long term. The days of adding keyword rich web pages, optimizing the heck out of them, and getting irrelevant back links are starting to end. Don’t let Google tell you that they will not look at optimization because if you look at your webmaster tools account one of the biggest no no’s is duplicate meta information which is basically optimization.

I think that long term that Google wants to be Facebook, a social media property as well as a search engine. I have a feeling that websites that get slapped will be told or information will be released that basically says if you had a Google plus page and were active this would not have happened.

I would suggest moving forward with on site optimization but of course don’t over do it. What I mean by over do it is 5% keyword density, every alt tag with the same description, keyword in every tag, and etc. Write great content and get natural back links to your site and you will be just fine and dandy. This should also be a lesson that do not put all of your eggs in one basket. If your only source of traffic is SEO than just like the stock market diversify.

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