Mobile Search Leads To Business

Network Solutions recently wrote a report called “How Are Businesses Using Mobile Marketing?” where they surveyed small businesses about their mobile marketing. There were a lot of interesting facts and figures that jumped out but there was one in particular that jumped out more than others.

According to Google mobile search leads to a purchase. Here are the stats that back up what Google has to say. A quarter of U.S. smartphone internet users who searched for local businesses on their phone made a purchase in store.


1 in 5 people who searched on their smartphone made a purchase online. More than 50 percent of the people called the business and 49 percent looked up the business on the the map.

These stats are incredible and it shows that people use their phones when they are in the purchasing state of mind much more than on their laptops or desktop computers. When you combine that with the fact that people always have their phone with them and it is always on you have a powerful combination.

This is very beneficial to a small brick and mortar business because you can now compete the with large chains for local customers. This is of course if you have a mobile marketing plan in place.

The report goes on to say that 61% of small business owners are not currently promoting their business through mobile search. Small business owners have limited budgets and 64 percent act as a one person marketing department. Most small business owners are strapped for time so they decide to deal with what they know than to learn new techniques because of time constraints. I urge you to be one of the business owners who takes the time learn the value of mobile and marketing strategies.

The bottom line of this report is that if you are not engaged in mobile marketing you are losing business and probably to your competition. I know it can be confusing and seem overwhelming but speak to a mobile expert to help you with the technology, you will not be sorry.

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