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Mobile marketing is perhaps the most important new development in the communications market today. Actually, the concept may have officially moved from the “new” category in 2012. Although mobile marketing was a movement first populated by small and medium-sized businesses looking for a more direct path to the consumer, the Fortune 100 has caught on. They now stand to spend almost a quarter of their total marketing budgets in 2012 on mobile communications with customers.

Mobile marketing is especially important in a large metropolitan area such as Atlanta. The increased competition and the crowded advertising space demands that business direct itself completely to the customer in an accelerated way. Mobile marketing stands as the fastest access to a target customer that exists within the discipline of communications today.

Highest Concentration of Mobile Users

Although the Fortune 100 has caught on to the trend, there is still plenty of room to make your presence known in the mobile commerce environment. You still have a chance to be a “first mover” depending on your industry.

Even if others in your industry have taken the first steps towards mobile marketing, the beauty of it is that there is an infinite amount of webspace. You are not competing for the same park bench or billboard. Your medium is different, so your objectives and analytics will also be quite different.

The beauty of mobile marketing, especially in a top-tier advertising market like Atlanta, is that the small business person still has the ability to compete with the corporate marketing budget. Mobile marketing is definitely the most cost effective way to market to your customer. This is possible because your sole objective is not to get them to look at your billboard or your park bench. You are just trying to get into the information flow of what your customer considers important.

You can do this completely through barter if you want. You can guest blog on websites that are important to your customer. You can place a funny video on a video sharing website. You can link trade with other taste makers in your industry. All of these options can be done without spending a dime on production. They also last much longer than traditional advertising methods. Placing a video on a sharing website for posting a blog gives you access to a customer base 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You do not have to replenish the visibility of the advertisement through constant payment either. Once something is up on the Internet, it is up.

Getting into the information flow of a city like Atlanta is especially important. Businesses are made through their social connections in a large metropolitan area. You have to get in league with the taste makers and become a taste maker and an expert yourself. Only then will the people that really matter cosign your business, leading to the globalization that you dream of.

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