Local Search and Mobile How It Impacts Local Business

There was an article that was written today by Brady Cohen on mobilemarketer.com that states that mobile devices and local search have reached a tipping point. If you are a local business owner take notice.

In his article he states that last year more than 50 per cent of all local searches were conducted via a mobile device. This is an incredible number and to be honest I did not realize that it was this high. I knew that local searches were on the rise on mobile devices but this blew me away.

What this tells me is that your consumer is always on the go and always has their smartphone or tablet with them. It is a lot easier for people to do a quick search on their mobile phone or tablet than it is to fire up their computer.

So what does this mean for you the local business owner? If you do not have a mobile marketing strategy you should think about implementing one as quick as possible. Your marketing material should reflect your strategy with mobile only adwords account, mobile apps, and mobile search. Do not think this is a fad and will go away because it will not it will only continue to grow. Think about how your customers find you and how you can engage with them through their mobile devices.

You could be losing valuable customers as we speak if you do have a mobile strategy in place. I have been ringing the bell for quite some time that mobile is the future and it is here to stay.

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To read the article mention above:

Mobile devices and local search: Reaching a tipping point – Mobile …

www.mobilecommercedaily.com 5/1/12

Here is a jaw-dropping statistic: Last year, more than 50 percent of all local searches were conducted from a mobile device. More than one out of every two searches that have local intent were made on a mobile device.

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