Keyword Level Tracking Increases ROI

If you are looking to get traffic to your website as well as new leads or new sales, pay per click can bring you a steady stream of traffic. Notice I said that it can bring a steady stream of traffic I did not say that can bring you a steady stream of sales and leads. A properly set up and optimized pay per click campaign can bring a great return on investment. A campaign that is not set up correctly and not optimized can waste a lot of your marketing budget with little to no results.

To fully optimize your campaign there needs to be a plan in place to calculate return on investment and most importantly your cost per conversion. Since the end goal of a pay per click campaign is to generate leads and sales you need all of the information before you can make an assessment of the effectiveness.

When I take a look at most pay per click campaigns I see one glaring weakness that rarely if ever is talked about and that is call tracking. Most companies only track when a prospect fills out a form or completes a purchase online. They do not take into account if their pay per click campaign generates calls and rarely ever track the phone conversions to the keyword level.

If phone calls are not being tracked than mistakes can be made when it comes to cutting keywords that they see as under performing and increasing bids on keywords that are not performing as well as one might think. Phone call tracking at the keyword level can help you close the loop on your actual cost per conversion and your overall return on investment.

There are a lot of features that are included when you use phone call tracking that can also help you improve on your overall conversion rate. One of my favorites is call recording. You can go back and listen to the calls to make sure they were answered properly and the customer was engaged. Call recordings can also be used as a sale training tools so that all of your representatives are aware of how to handle customer interaction.

If I walk into a prospects office the first thing I ask them is how they are currently tracking their conversions. If they say only by lead captures I immediately suggest adding call level tracking. Without keyword level tracking they are only seeing a small part of the conversion picture.

If you are interested in keyword level tracking let us know and we can help get it implemented.

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