Google Estimates That Mobile Growing 8 Times Faster Than Internet

In a recent article published by Google states that Mobile web is growing 8 times faster than the internet. This was presented at GoMo: Mobilize your Site and Maximize your Advertising” presentation by executive from Google.

Here is a quote by Suzanne Mumford, product marketing manager of mobile ads at Google. “Mobile is an always-on opportunity to connect with people in a meaningful and relevant way. In a few years, not having a mobile strategy will be just as silly as not having a desktop experience.”

I have to be honest I knew that mobile web was growing but I did not realize that it was outpacing desktop and laptop traffic by that much. I would almost be inclined not to believe it but if it comes from Google than it is very credible. We are moving into a day and age when mobile searches will not only surpass traditional search but it will blow it away.

If you are a business not only will you need to have a mobile web presence but also a presence that converts visitors into clients. With 53% of consumers in the United States owning smartphones and one billion smartphones in the world enhancing a mobile experience is becoming a must.

Why mobile is so important is because people tend to take action when they search on their phone. If you have a mobile presence than you can give them access to one click to call, maps and directions, and easy email and texting capabilities.

Another key stat is 51 percent of smartphone owners who look for local information at least once a month called a business after making a local search. Additionally, 52 percent of consumers visited the business, and 27 percent made an in-store purchase, emphasizing how mobile is a key connection between digital and bricks-and-mortar stores.

If you have a website or are a brick and mortar location than you should be seriously thinking about adding a mobile presence.

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