Facebook Power Editor: The How & The Why

Using Facebook Power Editor

When advertising on Facebook you have a few options for setting up your campaign. The first option is the standard advertising interface and the second option is to use the Power Editor.  If you have never used the Power Editor now is a great time to learn how powerful it can be.  When you are in Facebook and viewing the news feed, locate the clickable link on the left that says Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager

Once you are in the Ads Manager, you can look to the left hand side to locate the Power Editor link. To use the Power Editor, the Chrome browser works the best.

Facebook Power Editor

What is Power Editor?

Power Editor is an editing tool that you can use to make bulk changes and upload to your campaigns.  If you are familiar with Google’s AdWords editor then it is the same concept. Make changes offline and upload the changes all at once. This is useful because it will you save time and you do not have to upload until you are comfortable with the changes.



Why You Should Use Power Editor

Many of the best features of Facebook advertising are only available through the Power Editor.  For example, you can only access custom audiences through the Power Editor.  Custom audiences are where you set up list from emails, phone numbers, or retargeting. You can also build look alike audiences based on your current customers or prospects.  All of the features within custom audiences are very powerful and targeted.

Most of the newest features that Facebook rolls out will be in the Power Editor before the ads manager.

Power Editor Reporting

In Power Editor you can access reporting for your ad campaigns. Find out metrics such as impressions, social impressions, click-through rate, and demographics information, and a whole host of information. The reports will help you make decisions based on campaign ROI and where you need improvement.

What Else Can You Do With Power Editor

Did you know that you can manage pages from within Power Editor? You can create new published or non-published post. Write the post from within Power Editor and push it live to your page. If you want to create several post at the same time and come back to publish at a later date, you can leave the post dark until you are ready.

There are so many advantages to using Power Editor that it does not make sense not to use it. If you have never accessed the Power Editor now is a great time to dive in and learn all of the great features.

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