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Do Your Current Customers Like Your Facebook Page?

So your business has a lot of  customer and you have been building your database of customer information like any smart business. You make sure to get as much information as possible including their email address. But, do you know if your current customers are a fan of your Facebook page? If they are not fans lets turn them into fans inexpensively.

A huge benefit of your customers becoming fans of your Facebook page, you can update them with the latest and greatest information about your company. Sure, you could email new information but if you overdo emailing it could turn off a customer causing them to opt out. Once a customer has opted out of your emails it is near impossible to get them back. Facebook post updates are non-intrusive, you can post as much as your heart desires and people are not likely to unlike your page.

Creating  A Custom Audience Using Emails

Open up the Power Editor. If you are not sure where the Power Editor is located I wrote a blog post that will be helpful which you can find here.

power editor

You will click Ad Tools in the top right hand corner and choose Audiences.

custom audience

After clicking Ad Tools, you will see create audiences and choose custom audiences.

create facebook audience

You are given the options to upload a data file(this would be an excel spreadsheet or CSV file), import from MailChimp account, from your mobile app, or custom audiences for you website.  If you use something other than MailChimp, you can download the file from your provider and place the emails in a spreadsheet.

audience options

Enter your information in the name and description fields. Make sure that you use descriptive names, once you start building up audiences this will help keep them organized.

Enter the data type. Since we are using customer emails, you will choose emails. You can also target people based on their phone numbers, User IDs, or mobile advertiser IDs.

Agree with the custom audience terms. If you have never created a custom audience, you should take the time to read through the terms.

Upload the correct file and wait until Facebook has created the audience

Facebook will try to match up your emails with profiles of their members. Expect to see about a 40% to 70% match rate. Most people have multiple email addresses; they may not use what you have on file for their Facebook profile.

Once your custom audience is ready, start a like campaign and get your customers to like your business page.  A like campaign is typically inexpensive and even more so if you are using the custom audience that you just created.

An image or picture will be important to your ad. Since the audience are your current customers, use an image that has a logo, picture of your location, or something that they would be familiar with. Also, exclude people who currently like your page, no sense in wasting that money.

Set up your budget / pricing and you are off to the races.

Your email list can also be used to create a look alike audience as well. This audience will have similar interest as your current customers so they may be a good candidate to target with an additional campaign.

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