Use Facebook Advertising Targeting To Increase Return On Investment

Have You Noticed Facebook’s Stock Price Has increased?

The main reason Facebook’s stock has continued to rise is because they continue to improve their advertising platform. When their ad platform was introduced it was clunky, not user friendly, and was a waste of advertising spend. Facebook has stepped up their game within the last year and continues to improve their platform.

The most impressive part of the platform is that you can target pretty much any combination of people that you desire. Let’s start with the most basic form of targeting work down to the most targeted.

Location Based Targeting:

Targeting begins by specifying a location that you would like your ads to appear. You can target by countries, states, cities, or zip codes. If your product or service is international, but you only know how to speak English, target United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or other English speaking countries.

facebook ads manager


Facebook advertising can work well for local companies or physical store locations if done correctly. With local targeting you have a lot of flexibility to drill down on a specific location.


city target


Demographic Based Targeting:

If you have specific demographics that use your product or service take advantage of the age and gender targeting.



Facebook targeting allows companies to direct their marketing message to people based on criteria such as their relationship status, where they work, political views, and so much more. The only other advertising platform that comes close to this type of information is offline and purchasing list.

more demographics


Partner Categories:

Facebook has teamed up with Acxion and Datalogix to form partner categories. Both Acxion and Datalogix are essentially data aggregators or data mining operations. You can access information such as if they rent or own a home, their purchasing behavior, if they are moms, and a ton of other information.  It is pretty creepy when you think about how much information companies have on individuals. If you are marketer this is very valuable information regardless of the creep factor.


partner categories


As you can see you have unlimited options for targeting your ideal prospect or customer. If you layer multiple targeting options you can tailor your campaigns to increase your return on investment. Using multiple layers of targeting is recommended, you want to use ever one of the resources that Facebook has provided.  What other advertising platform can you get this much information and this much flexibility?

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