5 Tips For Mobile Pay Per Click Success

mobile-ppcIf you have been paying attention than you know I have been ringing the bell for mobile for quite some time now. In my last post I stated that last year more than 50 percent of local searches were on mobile devices. Today, I will give you 5 important tips to make sure your mobile pay per click campaign is a success.

1. Start with Google

Google gets the most traffic so naturally you want to set your mobile ppc campaign up with Google in mind. They dominate the mobile market and since they have a click to call option than you want to make sure you have your phone number in the ad copy.

2. Track your conversions with a dedicated phone number

You really should be tracking with a dedicated phone number and keyword level tracking but depending on your budget a dedicated number should work fine. There are a number of vendors on the market today that you can provision a number and it will forward to your existing phone number. The cost is usually minimal based on the solution but the results are well worth the cost.

3. Segment Mobile and Desktop campaigns

Google allows you to run desktop and mobile campaigns so if you are currently running a campaign than go ahead and make the switch.

4. Mobile Ready Website

This is a biggie. You want to have a mobile ready website and if possible mobile landing pages. There is nothing more frustrating to a consumer than to go to a website on their mobile phone and have to scroll around. You will lose them as soon as they land on your site if it is not mobile accessible.

5. Mobile Users and Intent

When a person searches for a business or product on their mobile phone the intent is quite different than if they searched on their desktop. When using a mobile phone they are ready to make a purchase, visit, or call so take advantage of the fact that they want to buy.

You are going to get sick of hearing this from me but local businesses need to take mobile marketing seriously and map out a plan.

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