Facebook Advertising: 5 Tips for Improved Targeting

Facebook Advertising: 5 Tips for Improved Targeting

A major benefit of Facebook advertising is they allow for extremely targeted marketing audiences if used correctly. There are many options when it comes to targeting and you can drill down until you find just the right target market for your product or service. Facebook targeting also allows you to tailor your message to different market segments.

Here are 5 tips to better targeting with Facebook advertising.


1. Have a local brick and mortar or local storefront and would like to drive customers to your location? Target people who live in your city or zip codes that would be most likely to visit your store. If you create some offers that can only be redeemed at your place then you can find out how much foot traffic the ad generated.


2.  Use interest targeting to drill down. If most of your current customers have particular interests and you are familiar with what they are, use them to target new customers. Let’s say you have a sports store and just got in a new shipment of Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl jerseys. You can target only Seattle Seahawk fans for incredibly targeted ads.


3. Target by demographics. You can target audiences based on location, education, relationship status, age, gender, and many more options. The image below shows that I have targeted people who work at Disney, Disney Channel, and Orlando Magic.


4. Layer your targeting to really go deep. You are not restricted to using just one form of targeting; you can layer your targeting to drill down deeply.  Want to target women who are 20 to 35, married, and own a home? It is possible with Facebook targeting options.



5. Use email addresses or cell phone numbers to create targeted audiences. If you are looking to build upon your current leads or customers, create a custom audience based on email addresses or cell phone numbers. Typically, people who are familiar with your product or your brand will be the most likely to convert. Facebook also allows you to create an audience similar to the list you created. While the similar audience is not as targeted as your own list, it can help you increase your customer base.

create audience

Facebook advertising is a valuable source of lead generation and sales for many companies that have figured out how to target correctly. Facebook gives companies as many options as I have seen in the online advertising word. If used correctly Facebook targeting can help a company grow quickly and inexpensively.

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