5 Reasons Why Businesses in Atlanta Need Mobile Apps

Long commute times coupled with a large community of well-educated, tech-savvy urban and suburban professionals spells success for any company that creates a mobile application that caters to residents of Atlanta, Georgia. The growing interest and hype surrounding iPhone applications warrants the attention of marketing professionals who long to cash in on this latest frenzy of excitement sure to catapult certain brands to market leadership positions. Companies in Atlanta are in a particularly relevant market, with the average Atlanta resident driving 66 miles per day and dependent on a cell phone for news, directions, email, twitter and Facebook updates to survive a long day away from home computers.

1. Marketing to a Captive Audience

Based on the latest data published on the PewResearchCenter website, smartphone sales are still surging straight up, with 35% of American adults owning one. For companies targeting a demographic of affluent and well-educated Atlanta consumers, a mobile application is the perfect way to get this group’s attention. Statistics validate this marketing approach. A full 25% of smartphone users access the Internet using a smartphone rather than a computer. Another encouraging statistic reports that 68% of smartphone owners check email or access the Internet daily.

2. Establishing Brand Leadership and Tech-Savvy Image

Business case-studies support the theory that arriving first in technology comes with benefits. Skeptics need only review successes like Facebook and Windows to know that new technology is powerful and offers rewards to innovators. With market perception being its on reality, companies that develop a useful mobile application will reap the rewards of leadership, commanding respect in a technology-charged culture, where smartphones lead the way.

3. Reach Out to a Specific Market

For companies hoping to target market to affluent, well-educated consumers, the smartphone market represents a goldmine of perfect prospects. With 59% of smartphone users living in higher earning households of $75,000 or higher, and 48% of them with a college degree, the phone application market is a highly-targeted product. Given the amount of disposable income that this affluent group has coupled with a proven love for technology, creating a mobile application for this group of Atlanta consumers hits a home run in terms of marketing to a laser specific market with the means and the interest to purchase.

4. Create New Profit Center

An obvious reason to create a mobile application is for profit. Social media is there to create the buzz to promote a new and exciting smartphone application. The good news is that smartphone users and social media platforms work hand-in-hand to create huge profits for innovators who create technology that is worthy of attention.

5. Grow Your Brand for the Future

One tried and true business theory is to capture a buying audience when they are young. A mobile application provides the perfect opportunity to capture a market today, grooming a group of loyal consumers for tomorrow. With 58% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 owning a smartphone, a useful phone application could attract the perfect demographic for continued future success.

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