3 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Campaign

If you have been paying attention than you will know that mobile marketing is growing very rapidly. Marin software recently released a white paper “The State of Mobile Search Advertising in the US” that states that smartphones and tablets combined will generate 25 percent of Google’s paid search by the end of 2012.


Since most companies are not focused on the mobile search landscape now is a great time to jump on the bandwagon. Having a mobile plan is becoming more imperative because the number of searches done on a smartphone or tablet is going to continue to rise every year. In fact, Google estimates that by the year 2016 mobile revenues will reach 20 billion dollars. Compare that with 2011 in which revenue was 2.5 billion dollars.

Here are 3 reasons why you should add mobile to your marketing mix to increase return on investment.

Lower Cost Per Click – If you will notice on the image provided below that the cost per click for smartphones was $.30 lower than on a computer. Most campaigns are either not running a mobile campaign or just have it turned on by default. There is less competition in the mobile market but it will increase. This is why you need to jump on mobile now.


Higher Click Through Rate – Ads on a smartphones have a higher click through rate. Since smartphones have a a smaller screen more real estate is taken up by the ads.

Higher Conversion Rates – If you are tracking conversions based on form leads and phone calls, which you should, your cost per conversion and conversion rate will decrease. If you are only tracking conversions based on form leads than your cost per conversion and conversion rate will increase. People have the option to click on the ad and go to your website or click to call when they are presented with an ad in Googles mobile search if your campaign is set up correctly. You should always use phone tracking to track conversions when using paid search as part of your marketing budget.

I want to stress this again, the time is now to include mobile into your marketing campaign. It can pay dividends that you do not typically see when it comes to traditional marketing.

If your company needs help setting up a mobile campaign feel free to reach out to us and we can help.

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